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About The Work Done in this Studio:

Welcome . . .

I dare say few other individuals in this city have my background, expertise, and gear list -- especially on the software side of things.  More importantly,

I know how to use it:  ALL OF IT.

Primarily, and currently, a mastering facility.  This IS what you are missing. Headroom to burn; outboard summing, EQ's and Compressors:  solid state and tube.  Vintage feel ? Radius Classic Tube.

Modern Summing ?  Dangerous Music and BURL.  100 tracks ?  All with Manley Massive Passives on every track ?  No problem:  I have 20 cores running my UA Apollo(s) set up.

Pricing is more reasonable than you may think, but time is in short supply

My Studio Now Resides in Hyde Park IL.  The floors are all hardwood, the ceilings 16', walls are solid and isloating.

The Culture and Style of Chicago;  It's rich history of Jazz, Blues, Disco, and House; It's hearty and heartfelt citizens fill my spirit with a soul all its own.

We offer All Digital, Complete “in house” production and design;  tracking, mixing, mastering .

Video Scoring;  Film Scores;  Sound FX Solutions.

Plesae inquire on any of the pages to email me for further information.


When you think you're ready for distribution,

if you haven't met me, you may not be . . . 

Contact me and lets see what we can do together !


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